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2011-04-29 23:45:16 by cosmicrush392

well tomorrow they announce the winners for the pico day art competition.I'm so excited! X3
But there's just this one problem, im grounded! so im gonna be watched by my big bro 24/7.
Damn it.but thats not a problem..*evil laugh* i devised a plan to get him out of the house.
i have no idea how it worked but it did. YESH!

(as boring as this entry is,i suggest that you would be intrested in other things than this crap)

i don't have a particular mind of the government,(except my brother)but when i was in elementary school,i heard that some of my favorite teachers in the world got pink slips.I never knew what it ment but then,i knew it ment that some beloved teachers will have to get taken out of our jobs.
I asked one of the teachers "why?".They said that "the econemy isn't doing good and they can't afford to keep paying people.So the govenrnment decided to just make the classrooms bigger."
When i heard the explination,i was giving a speech asking on what is more important,enlarging classroom sizes or OUR EDUCATION?!?!
We have to do something about this.But were just people.The government has to do "whats right" for the econemy.

For the past few years,this gay singer has been "wooing" girls from around the world.unfortunatly,since I AM a girl,i for one,HATES HIM!!!!
I can't think of one thing on how other girls like "him."
this gay homo should N.R.I.P!!!

feeling negelected

2011-04-03 11:59:53 by cosmicrush392

apreantly since im ignored so much here,i feel like i just don't fit here.
new people that come here get friends so quickly.meanwhile,i just stand on these
grounds just interfearing with the war.
im just an EPIC FAIL!!!
my dA account has skyrocketed into victory,but here,i...i....*sighs*

the new girl

2010-12-19 13:58:44 by cosmicrush392

hello everyone I'm cosmic crush392 and i am a tomboy\voice actor\video game girl.Since i didn't have an account her,I've been looking up videos like brawl taunts,sonic shorts,Kirby video game collabs,etc etc.i love movies made by Kirbiphor,Egoraptor,and other popular Newground parody makers.i also especially like the voice actors(tresses)in it made me what to voice act to like Rina-Chan,Princess Aura,Christian MC,Saphire,and Hnilmik.Since I became a voice actress,l've been trying to upload my demo reels but i had problems with the mp3 file hopefully I'll post the demo today so you can hear my range of voices.By the way,sorry for the sucky audio.i was using ny brother's webcam.So anyways,i hope you guys will like the demo.